Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Current time: 2.19am.
Currently drinking: Ithaca Beer Company Apricot Wheat.
Currently listening to: a few bars of one song before I get bored and flick to the next one.
Currently doing: a half-arsed job of writing a bunch of stuff as background information for this simulation we're writing in my methods class.
Currently thinking of: my bed, my sparkly shoes, my sister and how much I miss her and how its ok cos I will see her really soon, my best friend who graduated the other day cos she's so clever, the fact I am out of Triscuits.
Currently wishing: that there was a smashingly hot bloke waiting in my bed for me.
Currently wearing: my red trackpants, my too-hot-to-handle moo boot slippers, a brown zip-up jacket that says London on the front.
Currently singing: Blur's "Tender".
Currently lamenting: my complete and utter lack of non-crapness when it comes to singing.
Currently eating: nothing, cos I've run out of Triscuits.
Currently excited about: going to LA and hanging with the beautiful Sunshine, and of course, going home.