Friday, April 21, 2006

In which Spring has Sprung and the Grass is Riz

Today my camera and I went for a walk to university because I needed to buy a keyboard because typing for extended periods of time on a laptop is injurious to your health. So anyway I got all showered etc and it was so SUNNY and WARM that I put sunscreen on because I am the whitest person in the world except maybe for the beautiful Hesty either way I'm pretty damn white and freckles abound.
So all sunscreened up I walked in the lovely sunshine to university and saw lots of happy spring time flowers on the way and perhaps I need to hang out with Nic's mum for a while to get the hang of it but I couldn't resist documenting all the spring time prettiness.
And now I am typing on my styling new keyboard and its
after 4pm and I'm yet to do any real work for the day I think perhaps tonight will be one of those uber geeky Friday nights in which I hang out at home with my books.

Blogger is being a bit of a dick with the old photos today or perhaps its just that I am a bit of a retard.

My cousin is getting married today. This is good, but a little scary because one of the earliest memories I have is of going to the hospital to see him when he was born so as far as I'm concerned hes a wee baby aside from the fact that now he is all growed up and owns a house and within a matter hours will be a married man oh boy.