Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tell me where I'm supposed to begin, move out of sight and onto some life I'm dreaming of, for everything you thought you had has gone from worse to bad
I totally stole this top pic off this lass. I think she stole it off someone else.

Last night I ate a small Crunchie bar and then half a big Crunchie bar and then the other half of the big Crunchie bar and I felt kind of ill. And while I was eating I was watching House which was silly because during class I got all inspired to work on my presentation which is in two weeks from yesterday and then I got distracted from work and enthusiasm by the internets and the telly when I would have been better to do lots of work and channel my energy into a pretty and informative slide show using lots of big words instead I wasted brain cells and ate chocolately hokey-pokey goodness.

Blogstock LA, or Not Blogstock as it is to be called within hearing range of Pitt, is coming along nicely and it thanks you for asking. I bought my tickets the other day so I have two days in LA which sounds like it should be the title of a movie I don't know if it is anyway I've got a little over 48 hours in which to find Viggo, get him to fall hopelessly and irredeemably in love with me, meet up with some bloggers, get drunk, do some touristy things, but some crappy souvenirs for the kids ok and some crappy souvenirs for me too, and get my arse to the airport in time to catch my flight HOME!!!!!
I am going to be the most annoying person alive on that flight I will be bouncing up and down in my seat and asking in the manner of Bart and Lisa Simpson or similar "arewethereyet arewethereyet arewethereyet arewethereyet arewethereyet" for 14 hours and then I'll pace up and down the airport in Auckland (where the Orcs come from) for two and a half hours and then as soon as the plane lands I'll be tearing open the doors and jumping out and pushing little old ladies out of my way and leaping over baggage trolleys in a mad rush to see my peeps cos nine and a half months is too long I won't be doing that again.

I've just watched three hours of telly although there was no Lost tonight which kind of complicates my weekly Wednesday night taunting of Ben going "OMG you will not believe what happened on Lost tonight...X shagged X and it turns out that before they got on the plane X and X did X with X's brother and it turns out that X is one of the Others and X knows but won't say because of X" except instead of writing X I'll write *%##*() and then Ben counts the number of characters I type thinking that will be some clue as to the name of the person I'm on about blissfully aware of the fact I'm completely making shit up. Although I think he's on to me now.

But Alias is back and I didn't really need to waste 2 hours watching it but Sydney had a baby yippee for her and her dad is cool and her mums a beeyatch. Sydney's mum, not the baby's mum.
And CSI NY was good, that Danny's a bit fit.

And now its five minutes before midnight and I am PRO CRASS TIN AYE TING and this blog is really going nowhere except on the fast train to stream-of-consciousness-ville so goodnight and good luck be good to each other.