Sunday, April 16, 2006

I was all keen to blog and have a rant about this and that and the other thing but then I read this and it made me sick and I still feel sick and it made my cry and it broke my heart and I wanted to blog about it but I'm wondering if I should or not because I don't want to give the demon that did that any more fame or kudos or imply that he is in some way worthy of any attention unless that attention is pure unadulterated hatred abhorrence disgust sorrow but I also think that people need to know and they should get up in arms about this because a world that isn't completely shattered by this that isn't broken at the very core that isn't torn up screaming and wracked with grief sobbing inconsolably uncontrollably ferociously furiously tearing its hair prone on the floor unable to stand speak breathe move with the sheer weight of anguish is not a world that I want to live in.

So I say stand up and speak out about the wrongness the hideousness the perversity the pure unmitigated evil of this act against an innocent child someone's precious angel someone's hope for the future someone's baby.
Stand on the street corner and demand vengeance, argue with your neighbours about what would make a person do such a thing, have stand up screaming matches about the virtues and flaws of the death penalty, try and understand if you can what would drive a man to such an act, read the news until it makes you sick to your stomach but DO NOT accept this as an unfortunate evil of the world we live in because wrong is not a big enough word for what that child went through what that monster put her through it's in times like this that I really hope that religion is right about heaven so that wee girl is in the care of those who love her and that those here who miss her can take comfort in that fact and know they will see her again and Oh God I can't stop crying she looks like Sami.

Update: It appears the powers that be have shut down Tony's site, or that somehow it is broken. I hope it will be back soon, but if you really want to know what I was so upset about click here. It hit me pretty hard as you can probably see.

Update on the update: Tony's site is back up.