Monday, April 10, 2006

A Monday morning quickie....

I have slept for a grand total of one..two..three..THREE AND A HALF HOURS and now I am scrambling to finish a paper thats due at midday, because instead of staying home all weekend like a good student I went to Toronto (sigh) which is a city we loves because it has nightlife and concerts like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the special ultra-cool surprise of The Brunettes as a support act who are just too cute for words and the crowd loved them especially when they played "Holding hands feeding ducks" and they are playing with Clap Your Hands again throughout their tour and are headlining their own show in New York City at the Mercury Lounge on April 18th and anyone who's within range of the New York metropolitan area must go because The Brunettes rule. You have been told.

Also, Interpol and Depeche Mode got together and made sweet sweet love and a bastard child was begotten and its name is She Wants Revenge and I bought their record and it is Good.
I see that other bloggers were having fun not in Toronto and I hate to miss out on stuff especially meeting Gwen and Outlaw cos girls are cooler than boys but I'm glad to see that the people who piss me off also feature on the "people who piss me off" list of those I like and respect. See?

So I missed out on every blogger in Toronto including the ones who were actually in town (sorry Heather!!) but I had fun with my friend and we had dinner with Grimshaw which was lovely and we popped his Thai food cherry which was exciting and now I have to go and finish my civil-military relations paper because its nearly 9am which means its nearly 3 hours until paper has to be finished oh fuck.