Monday, April 03, 2006

Help me I'm foreign

The following also applies to tickets to She Wants Revenge the same night. I'll take either!!
Ah fuck, maybe we'll just turn up and stand outside with the scalper scum.
Please someone find me tickets!!!!

Ok as some will have no doubt already discovered by the contents of their inboxes or blog comments, but I am on the hunt for two tickets to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah next weekend in Toronto. The concert is apparently sold out, but this whole sold out thing never prevented me from seeing Fat Freddy's or Salmonella Dub or that Shihad gig or a bunch of other stuff and I refuse to accept defeat.

You see, me and my friend have been talking for weeks about taking a roadtrip to NYC to see a concert because the nightlife here blows goats, but all the good gigs in NYC between now and When I Go Home Via LA are either on a night one of us has class (good on ya, Franz Ferdinand), or sold out (yeah, cheers She Wants Revenge) or way out of the price range of two poor graduate students (thank you very much Gorillaz!!!), and so instead of looking south I turned my gaze north to the mighty land of Canadia, and found the perfect gig on a great night and not too expensive..... until I discovered it had sold out.


Hey, surely someone who knows someone who knows someone who lives in Toronto and who knows a guy who knows a guy will hear my sad plea and find a couple of stray tickets to sell at a not-completely-outrageous price to us.


.....must get out of this town...if only for a night....