Sunday, April 23, 2006

When I wanna see right through you, Flyin', highin', Freddy voodoo lucid dreaming, magic wonder can you see this, spell I'm under? make you wander with that rhythm feel it moving, through your system step on, steppers, step up to it all you got to do is do it

Today when I read blogs I didn't start at the top of my list and work my way down instead I began at the bottom and worked up it was a fresh perspective on the world.
Although, people need to make more of an effort to update cos we must have something to keep us amused on the weekends.

So instead of working for the past hour I have been looking up cocktail recipes on the Webtender its awesome because you can cross reference ingredients so you don't end up buying a whole bottle of stuff for one or two drinks you can design your cocktail list as to maximise efficient allocation of ingredients HOLY SHIT I NEED TO STOP TURNING INTO AN ECONOMIST.
So I've decided on cocktails only now I need to make sure that me Dad is still ok with having my peeps invade his house for cocktails and of course I called him AND HES NOT HOME bugger.

Instead I am going to send another email to my mystery secret boyfriend ooooh I love how life is JUST SO GOSH DARNED INTERESTING!!!