Sunday, April 30, 2006

Drinking + emailing? Cue hilarity.

Last night me and my trusty sidekicks R-bizzle and H-lizzle went to the pub to talk about shopping and boys and pedagogy and I drank a few Coronas and then a couple of scotches and was feeling all scrummy and this boy came up to us and tapped me on the shoulder and I thought he was tapping me on the shoulder to get me to move cos I was in his way but no it turned out he wanted to ask us to go and see his band play next weekend somewhere out of town I said Sorry dude, no can do bro, I ain't got me no car except I would rather eat glass than use double negatives, so I said it properly. He took it well, all things considered.

Then I came home and decided it would be a REALLY GOOD IDEA to turn my computer on instead of going straight to bed and then I had another brainfart and decided WHAT WOULD BE EVEN BETTER would be to not only COMPOSE but to actually SEND an email to my mystery secret boyfriend. Man, was that daft or what?

I checked out my sent messages box when I came to this morning and it could have been worse all things considered but there is a mighty good chance he is currently sitting at his computer and scratching his head going "What the Fuck?" (capitals to stress gravity of the situation).
Ah, but we shall see, and no doubt I will document every minute detail of my tortured existence on the internerds.

Update: One shopping expedition, one Ruby Tuesday's bacon jack burger, three slides for next week's presentation, one episode of The West Wing and several hours inbox remains suspiciously empty.
Oooooh bollocks.

Update on the update: I am majorly paranoid, as all is well.
Aha, perhaps time to divert some of this energy into more productive channels?...

In other news...WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
Stormers? Well bollocks to you, Western Provinces!!! We're still second on the table!!! Suck on that, De Wet Barry and your odd-shaped head!!! Besides, we have cool theme music, shiny red and black uniforms, and HORSIES!!!
Hang in there Crusaders, in 3 weeks I will be cheering for you from the comfort of my warm seat in the snazzy corporate box where they bring me beer and sandwiches!!!
Yep, that's the life we lives in the C-town. Only 14 sleeps.....