Monday, April 17, 2006

I have the most awesome friends on the planet

Honestly, sometimes I really think I don't deserve half the things I get. Then I realise that I must have done something REALLY FUCKING GOOD in a previous life to merit all the goodness I have recieved in this one.
Like, maybe I was a nun who spent fifty years living in a shack in some desperately poor place and spent my time de-worming orphans and teaching illiterate farm workers to read.
Or something.
Suggestions in the box.
Today I recieved a rather unexpected surprise in the post, a most chocolatey care package from my dear friend at home, which makes, I think, unexpected gift of love # 6 since I have been here. Which is only since August.
And I didn't even do anything to merit a gift like this!!!
Theres some quote about real riches being the number of people on earth who love you, and by that standard I am filthy stinky rich because there are all these lovely people who send me presents like this COMPLETELY UNEXPECTEDLY and most deliciously (ok the Gryffindor scarf wasn't delicious in a chocolately goodness kind of way, but it is still the coolest scarf anyone has made for me, and the cds are not proving to be completely digestable....but you get my point).
So a big YAY to Faine for sending me this lovely present and I am grateful for the good people out there who love me.

There is, of course, a post script to this story.

Foolishly, I left the box of chocolate unattended while I went to a chiropractor's appointment.

I arrived home to this.

Yep, Raji overcame his lack of opposable thumbs to get stuck into my stash, and managed to eat himself into a sugar coma.

Fucking tiger.

Genuine white Bengali tigerskin coat, anyone?